About Us. 

Go Textiles specialise in short and design-led sourcing and planning of apparel and goods, that reflect the latest trends and consumer needs.


After working more than two decades in the textile world and retail, we venture to create our own project with a lot of enthusiasm. In retail we learn to have a wide view of the client and how to distribute the product in the selling points to speed up the sells. We know how to create new brands with a good product placement.

What We Offer

Go Textiles guarantees the highest quality standards and timely delivery for all customer’s needs. With our strengths, as listed below, we provide many advantages over competitors in the industry.

  • Information gathering ability to deploy trend watchers called “ambassadors” in major cities around the world, to grasp cutting-edge fashion trend in a timely manner.

  • Planning ability with high sell-through rates. Well-established workflow of design led product planning that matches customer’s need with high sell-through rates, backed by cutting-edge information aggregated to the design office in UK and Spaimn.

  • Production line enabling short delivery period. Business relationship with some 100 material manufacturers and some 80 sewing factories in Turkey boasting a textile industry.

  • Strategic alliance with representative manufacturers of apparel and Life Style products in Turkey and nearby countries which enables a short-time delivery accommodating to sales conditions and a dispersion of risk.

  • Strong relationship with European SPAs. With its proven performance to create many hot-selling products every season, GO has established strong relationship with European SPAs and keeps stable deals with them.

Our Values

  • To continue to establish and strengthen long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, business associates and suppliers.

  • To ensure we identify and expand our investment portfolio in order to continue the on-going sustainable growth and success of the companies within the group.

  • To maximise our economic potential across all the streams of involvement, through the expertise of the Company’s management and personnel structures.

In order to enhance our position as Industry leaders, we are primarily focussed on continuing to deliver the finest merchandise as well as a wide range of services on a global basis. Whilst ensuring to remain economically competitive, we constantly search opportunistic investments to provide our customers with a bespoke service and access to an ever increasing product range, that in turn will maximise returns.


Go Textiles recognizes that “compliance” means more than observing laws and regulations. A company is a member of society that must live up to the expectations of its stakeholders and act in a socially responsible manner. This is the real meaning of compliance: to ensure that every individual in the company has a strong awareness of responsibilities and to ensure that all activities adhere to high ethical standards. The top management sends a message that defines Saide's stance on compliance: “When you are faced with a choice between integrity and profit, choose integrity without hesitation.”

Go Textiles’s mission for a better future is influenced strictly from ethical standards, sustainability and cooperate social responsibility. The objective of the company is to maintain a much better, greener environment and a sustainable supply chain to ensure that our responsibility to our society and our business associates are fulfilled. GO works on various projects to supply our products at the highest ethical and environmental codes making sure that our dedication is not limited with only the environment and ethical compliance but also covers building brighter future generations through scholarships for students and schools.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen compliance and sustainability even further through a range of initiatives.